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The Grassroots Leadership Academy educates and empowers individuals to advance a free and open society in which coercion is limited and liberty prevails.

Our inspiring classes and practical trainings provide the necessary skills to communicate persuasively, recruit volunteers, hold elected officials accountable, and promote the benefits of a free and open society.

GLA graduates change minds, influence policy, and lead in their communities.

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The Grassroots Leadership Academy offers free, year-round training programs.

Grassroots Leadership Certification

Our flagship offering is the Grassroots Leadership Certification program. This multi-level program empowers students with the tools, tactics, techniques, and strategies to effectively advocate for the values of a free society, like individual liberty and limited government.

Level 1, Grassroots Activist Certification, teaches students the fundamental knowledge and skills to effectively advocate for freedom at the local, state, and federal level. The class is typically offered one night per week for six weeks and requires students to donate six volunteer hours to their communities before graduating.

Level 2, Community Mobilizer Certification, builds on the skills learned in level 1 and empowers students to recruit, motivate, and mobilize others. This class is also typically offered one night per week for six weeks and requires students to donate an additional six volunteer hours before graduating.

Level 3, Grassroots Leader Certification, is an intensive, three-day boot camp for committed grassroots leaders. Students learn how to put all of their skills together and handle real-life grassroots organizing scenarios. Upon completion, students are empowered to run an issue campaign, become a community leader, or pursue a career in grassroots activism.

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“If you’re really wanting to get into activism, (Grassroots Leadership Academy) is great for building your base knowledge and helping expand it. It’s a good foot in the door for figuring out what you need to do and how to do it correctly.”

-Sgt. Tom Bates, Certified Community Mobilizer

“The grassroots leadership program was a really good way to empower me to promote school choice and to really make a difference in my community,”

-Barbara Frazier, Certified Community Mobilizer

“My family lost their freedom and liberty when I was 6 years old in Cuba. Defending my family’s freedom and liberty is one of my personal missions. Grassroots Leadership Academy has the perfect guidelines that I have been searching for to help my mission.”

-Jorge Diaz, Certified Community Mobilizer

“I feel I’ve learned more in this one day than I did in my entire Master’s Degree in Community Development at Columbia University,”

-Judy Young, Certified Grassroots Activist

“Grassroots Leadership Academy is the answer to anyone who wants to close the gap of the political process.”

-Melony Armstrong, Certified Grassroots Activist



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