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Want to create change in your community and break barriers to opportunity but lack the confidence or skills to do so? Don’t feel disappointed. You should be empowered to make change that maximizes prosperity and opportunity.

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Like you, we are discouraged by politics that only divide people and barriers that reduce the rights of its citizens. This is why we have joined with thousands of like-minded individuals to break barriers while improving the quality of their communities by finding commonalities and elevating others into positions where change is at their fingertips.

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You should be empowered to change your community.

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“If you’re really wanting to get into activism, (Grassroots Leadership Academy) is great for building your base knowledge and helping expand it. It’s a good foot in the door for figuring out what you need to do and how to do it correctly.”

-Sgt. Tom Bates, Certified Community Mobilizer

“The grassroots leadership program was a really good way to empower me to promote school choice and to really make a difference in my community,”

-Barbara Frazier, Certified Community Mobilizer

“My family lost their freedom and liberty when I was 6 years old in Cuba. Defending my family’s freedom and liberty is one of my personal missions. Grassroots Leadership Academy has the perfect guidelines that I have been searching for to help my mission.”

-Jorge Diaz, Certified Community Mobilizer

“I feel I’ve learned more in this one day than I did in my entire Master’s Degree in Community Development at Columbia University,”

-Judy Young, Certified Grassroots Activist

“Grassroots Leadership Academy is the answer to anyone who wants to close the gap of the political process.”

-Melony Armstrong, Certified Grassroots Activist

What Makes Grassroots Leadership Academy Unique?

The Grassroots Leadership Academy’s free Grassroots Certification programs teach you the skills to create change in your community. By teaming up with other like-minded people, our participants have gained the knowledge and skills to create change. Thousands of concerned citizens have impacted their communities and stopped governmental overreach by joining our programs. Want to know if you have the right tools needed to experience success? Attend one of our free Grassroots Certification programs to find out.

We know how hard it is to create change in your community, especially when you don’t have the skills or confidence needed for success. We’ve joined with over 12,000 citizens to help them build the skills and knowledge to be a problem solver. And when you meet a group of other like-minded problem solvers in our programs, you’re able to exponentially change minds, communicate persuasively, and influence policy.

The Grassroots Leadership Academy’s free Grassroots Certification Program is developed and presented by qualified grassroots trainers. Combined, our team has over a hundred years of expertise in grassroots activism, education, communication, and policy. The trainings, coaching, and mentorships that we provide have empowered thousands of individuals with the skills to dramatically increase their effectiveness after completing our programs.

In this 6-session program, you will: 1. Learn from dynamic trainers on necessary grassroots skills needed to be effective. You will completely understand the fundamental skills and knowledge needed to create change. 2. Meet other like-minded individuals in your community who are also passionate about helping their neighbors improve their lives. 3. Develop the road map you need to apply the skills and knowledge from the Grassroots Certification program into your own efforts.

You have the opportunity to create fundamental change in your community. But without having the necessary skills and knowledge, you’re at risk of settling with the status quo. Don’t let complacency get in the way of achieving your dreams of helping others improve their lives. Register for our free Grassroots Certification programs today and spend six, two-hour sessions with our qualified Grassroots Trainers. Why? Because everyone should be empowered to change their community.



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