Volunteering for a cause can be a lonely business.

Sure, you’re being surrounded by people just like you who are also manning phone banks and skipping Saturday afternoon ball games for the tireless work of door-to-door canvassing, but for what?

Of course, you believe in your cause, and you’re an auto-dialing phone ninja armed with the message of freedom. You’ve spent your Tuesday evening calling 120 households, only making contact with 16. Three contacts were too busy, two wanted to know how you got their number, and one guy couldn’t hear anything you said. But you’re undaunted.

Armed with door hangers, bottled water, and an iPad, you conquer the urban jungle. You hike the paved parkways and cul-de-sacs of America’s neighborhoods, awash with excitement to spread the good news of less government and more freedom. You hit 120 doors that day, a new record! Doors 16, 18, and 35 have some nice folks; you’re inspired.

However, door 47 has a, “No Trespassing” sign, the guy inside of house 62 ignores you, and house 85 clearly has a severe bee problem. Besides the 26 folks you do manage to coax out of their armchairs and away from the television for five minutes to take a survey, most people aren’t home.

Hot, tired, and out of water, you find your way back to the 7-Eleven where you left your car and drive home, wondering if you’re making a difference. What’s the point of making a few calls or knocking on a few houses in a smattering of neighborhoods within this small town, you ask yourself?

Then you come across this post, and you learn that those few houses aren’t few at all; those hours spent on the phone don’t add up to just a mere handful of contacts.

You read how grassroots efforts in Florida helped stop Medicaid expansion, saving taxpayers over $1 billion; how those same activists stood up to crony incentives in the sports and film industries, saving another $94 million. That’s just the beginning!

In Illinois, freedom fighters said “No” to local tax hikes and saved over $2.5 million a year. 86,000 phone calls by tireless activists in Missouri became critical in the defeat of a proposed gas tax.

What you learn is that you have the power to be a part of something MUCH bigger, because there are lots of “you” out there, over 2.8 million, to be precise. That makes a big difference, a REALLY BIG difference.

In 2015 alone, the efforts of grassroots leaders like you were instrumental in policy wins, saving American taxpayers $60 billion dollars, the largest win for freedom yet!

Still, the march goes on.

So you see, 16 really does equal 2.8 million. Now you know the power of you.

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