Good activists know you should never miss out on an opportunity to spread the message of freedom. With Halloween rapidly approaching, have you thought about how you can use the holiday to make a difference? Here are a few suggestions:

Hand out pocket Constitutions with your candy: When cute costumed kids come to your door this Halloween, add a pocket Constitution to the treats you already hand out. Take a second to tell them about the document and encourage them to read it. This could be even more fun if you dressed up as a Founder, Uncle Sam or the Statue of Liberty!

Get Punny: If you enjoy decorating for the holidays, Halloween is the perfect opportunity for freedom-themed displays. Is it tacky? You bet! Will it give you the opportunity to start conversations? Definitely.

A “red tape mummy” can help you talk about overregulation. A “zombie government program” can spark conversations about automatically renewed government programs. Just remember to keep your displays light and fun instead of dark and gruesome.

Get to know your neighbors: In today’s busy world, it seems like fewer and fewer people know the folks who live on their block. Halloween is the perfect opportunity to form some new friendships.

If you have kids, use the opportunity to get to know the parents who live near you while out trick-or-treating. If you’re on candy duty at home, introduce yourself to the parents who accompany their kids to your door. Let these initial conversations be the first step toward forming the relationships that will allow you to share freedom with them.

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