Valentine’s Day is as good an occasion as any to show loved ones just how you feel.  

Maybe this year, you’ve chosen to put your message on candy hearts, in the form of a playlist or on a handmade card.  

Or maybe, like many are this time of year, you’re a little stumped about how to get your message across.  

If so, the good news is — because you’re an activist — you already have the know-how to connect with people and effectively share your ideas. This is especially true if you’ve attended one of these Grassroots Leadership Academy courses: 

·         Connecting Across the Spectrum 

·         Creating a Positive Narrative 

·         Motivating Friends & Neighbors by Telling Your Story 

·         Sharing Freedom by Storytelling 

Messaging is a quintessential part of being an activist. These trainings take a deep dive into crafting effective, potent messages and how to deliver them.  

But if you haven’t yet had a chance to attend, fear not. Here are some quick messaging tips that you can use on Valentine’s Day — and when advocating causes you believe in: 


Understand other people’s world views, as well as your own 

Do you know why you have the views you have? Are they based on culture? Society? Values? We craft and communicate our messages through these lenses, even if subconsciously. And other people receive messages through their own lenses.  

Understanding where people are coming from can help you create a more personalized message.  


Be genuine 

This may seem like a given, but often we try to jazz up our messages so much that they are no longer relatable. It’s safe to assume the person you’re trying to get a message to prefers honesty and authenticity over jargon. 


Narratives are powerful 

You can make a message even more effective by adding your own personal touches. Sharing your own stories when crafting a message for someone else can make it even more meaningful. The recipient of the message is more likely to engage. Your story is worth telling.  

As activists, we wouldn’t be able to make an impact in policy without crafting smart, meaningful messages. But these skills are also useful when communicating in general.  

There’s always more to learn about being an activist. For more tips and advice, go to the Grassroots Leadership Academy Blog. 

Happy Valentine’s Day!