About Grassroots Leadership Academy

Who We Are

Since 2015, Grassroots Leadership Academy has inspired citizens to be bold leaders who improve their communities and break barriers standing in the way of people realizing their potential.

As a project of Americans for Prosperity Foundation, we provide educational programs and partner with local organizations to inform the public about some of the biggest challenges facing our communities, including:

  • Overtaxation and overspending
  • K-12 education
  • Free expression
  • Overregulation
  • Promoting a foreign policy of realism and restraint
  • Fixing our broken immigration system
  • Criminal justice reform

Our goal is to move society toward one of mutual benefit, where people succeed by helping others improve their lives.

What We Do

Grassroots Leadership Academy offers free, in-person trainings and educational programming to people across the U.S.

Our training programs educate concerned citizens about the issues facing their communities and equip them with the skills they need to remove barriers to opportunity in their communities.

We empower people to elevate themselves into positions where change is at their fingertips.

Why We Do It

We hold these truths to be self-evident; that all humans are created equal; that they are endowed by their creator with certain unalienable rights; that among them are life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

This statement, as embodied in the Declaration of Independence, defines who we are and how we view the role of government.

Even as we understand our government has often failed to live up to this vision of the natural equality of all people, we seek to create a society in which government operates wholly within this vision.

Our Approach

We seek to ensure government plays its proper role in society. The role of government is to protect each person’s rights so they can pursue the things that are meaningful to them.

Competition and cooperation between individuals are far preferable — and create more value for all — than government coercion. Whether examining current or any new potential laws and regulations, three good questions to ask are:

  • Whose life, liberty or property is being affected by this?
  • Does the new law create a barrier to someone pursuing their happiness?
  • Could we solve the problem without using government coercion?

We can transform society by breaking the internal and external barriers that prevent people from realizing their potential. Doing so enables all people to improve their lives and find fulfillment by helping others do the same.

  • “Internal barriers” are personal beliefs that stand in the way of a person discovering and developing aptitudes, fostering a mindset of success and engaging in mutual benefit.
  • “External barriers” are obstacles placed in the way of a person discovering and developing aptitudes, fostering a mindset of success and engaging in mutual benefit.

You can read more about how our approach is realized by checking out our Certifications.

Our Principles

Americans for Prosperity Foundation’s theory of change is based on four foundational principles:

Equal rights: A system of equal rights — articulated in the Declaration of Independence — requires respect for the dignity of all people and equality under the law.

Mutual benefit: When the values and laws of society respect the dignity of individuals and uphold their rights, people succeed by creating value for others, motivating them to assist rather than harm one another.

Openness: Equal rights and mutual benefit foster openness by allowing the free movement of ideas, resources, and people that generate knowledge, innovation, and opportunity, fueling progress throughout society.

Self-actualization: For such a society to exist, its key institutions — education, community, business, government — remove barriers to people realizing their potential and finding fulfillment. As more people have the opportunity to use their unique talents to succeed by helping others improve their lives, society flourishes.

We can transform society for the better by removing barriers. This, then, is our theory of change. It is why we educate our fellow citizens and give them the tools they need to make the change they want to see.