education freedom

For Barbara Frazier, providing education options isn’t just a theory—it’s her life passion.

When Frazier and her husband saw students in their community were struggling to succeed, they decided to take action. Together, they launched a school for middle and high school students focused on science, technology, engineering and math.

The couple made big sacrifices to make their dream of helping students a reality. “We cashed in our retirement,” she says.

Frazier is a bold advocate for giving families the freedom to choose the best education for their children. She says one of the greatest tools she has in her fight is her training from Grassroots Leadership Academy.

“The grassroots leadership program was a really good way to empower me to promote school choice and to really make a difference in my community,” she says. Frazier is a Certified Community Mobilizer and has completed the first two levels of certification training.

“What sparked my interest in GLA was how they unpacked the information in a very practical way that you can actually say I can take this, I can go back, and I can implement it,” she says.

Learn how Frazier is using her training to educate parents and how her work is changing kids’ lives by checking out the video.


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