Grassroots Leader Certification

Three immersive full training days devoted to help you become a grassroots leader.

Participants who have completed the Grassroots Activist and Community Mobilizer Certifications are invited to join other community leaders in their state for a multi-day, intensive boot camp training on leadership, strategy, and tactics. Attendees will gain the knowledge and skills to become a top-level volunteer, organize an issue campaign, or pursue a career in grassroots activism.


Join an exclusive group of activists in your state and participate in our immersive 3-day program. While onsite participants will learn how to develop an effective strategy, work with legislators, and lead organizing efforts in their own communities.


Level 1 – Grassroots Activist Certification

Level 2 – Grassroots Organizer Certification



Who Gets Certified?

Community leaders and influencers who are passionate about advancing a free and open society, or looking to pursue a career in grassroots activism.



Strategic Planning

You can’t beat a plan without a plan of your own. In this session, you will understand the relationships and differences between a mission, vision, and goals. You’ll also learn a holistic process for developing strategies to achieve your desired outcomes.

Cutting the Issue

Grassroots campaigns often fail because they don’t clearly identify or explain specific policy changes. In this session, we will discuss how to take a big idea and slim it down to clear, achievable agenda items.

Know The Place, Know The Players

The first step to building a successful issue campaign is accurately assessing the playing field. Without understanding the environment, advancing a free and open society can’t be accomplished. This session will showcase how to gather intel needed to make strategic decisions in communities.

Issue-Based Organizing

When a group comes together and mobilizes for their interests, the results can be powerful. The session explains how to find natural constituencies for individual issues and incorporate these individuals into issue-driven campaigns.

Overton Window

Before you can create sweeping changes to policy, you must know your community’s stance on a particular effort and embrace a thinking big and acting small mindset. In this training, we discuss how culture influences politics and how you can leverage this as a tactic needed to advance a policy by embracing the Overton Window theory.

Our Vision

This course is a principled approach for social change. You’ll learn why maximizing peace, civility, and well-being where people succeed by helping others is the greatest opportunity towards improving the lives of others, including the least-fortunate.


Campaign Tactics

This course offers tactical insights for grassroots leaders as they advance their issue campaigns. You will come away understanding how to plan a ground game and how to incorporate useful tools and tricks.

Federal & State Legislative Process: How A Bill Really Becomes A Law

This course is a guide for understanding the legislative process at the Federal and State level. We will also discuss tools for tracking legislation.

Building a Digital Campaign

You will understand the value of digital activism, how to engage and drive more interactions with social content, and learn the tools necessary to build a digital campaign.

Grassroots Events

Grassroots leaders seeking the advancement of an issue often rely upon various events to get their message out to the broader community. This course consists of best practices for organizing, promoting, and managing successful grassroots events.

How to Kill A Bill

This class will examine each stage at which you can impact the content and outcome of legislation you oppose or support.

Opposition Research

Learn how to use information to help push your narrative and identify cronyism on issues. In addition you will learn how to file FIOA requests to seek out information from your state government.

Street Theatre and Public Performance

This course will utilize the different methods of street theatre and craft ways to promote pro-liberty causes through public performance. You will also learn the benefits of engaging the public through performance and craft your own demonstration, protest, or street theatre performance.


Messaging Strategy

We will discuss why perception is reality in the world of messaging. We will work to hone the skills of articulate effective messaging to be able to cut through the noise of the world.

Media Tactics

You will learn best practices for media relations, media strategy, tools needed for securing media coverage, and how to communicate a powerful message during interviews.

Overcoming the Objections

This session will help you understand how sales techniques help potential volunteers to commit to a cause and how to find their strengths. In this program, learn how to ask the “right” questions to identify and overcome hesitations. This training will also identify the common mistakes when recruiting a volunteer.

Grassroots Fundraising

In this session, you will learn how your organization can build support within the community by giving people an opportunity to “invest” or “buy in” to your issue campaign.


The day of your class, be ready to learn and engage. Before we start, you’ll have time to network with leaders like yourself and share a meal. Over the course of the event, we ask that you fully participate by asking questions and sharing your experience – this isn’t just a lecture!