Looking at today’s headlines, it’s easy to become discouraged. With the nonstop coverage of Washington’s dysfunction, it can start to feel like our efforts to advance economic freedom and individual liberty might be impossible.

But there are plenty of reasons for hope. You just may not have heard about them.

In a recent op-ed featured in The Daily Signal, Grassroots Leadership Academy’s Vice President, Slade O’Brien, says discouraged Americans should look to what’s happening outside of D.C.

At the local and state levels, citizen leaders, armed with a belief in economic freedom and individual liberty, have experienced historic successes over the past few years…

Look around and you’ll find stories of positive change playing out daily across this great nation, probably right in your own neighborhood.


In the article, O’Brien shares stories of how GLA graduates from across the country are making a true difference in states like Mississippi, Ohio and Arizona.

Greater economic freedom and individual liberty are the best weapons with which to fight back. And when this point is effectively communicated to local communities, states, and all Americans, great things can happen.


So how do local victories translate into saving America and helping its citizens achieve the American Dream? Find out by reading Slade’s article at The Daily Signal.

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