Leadership comes in many shapes, sizes, attributes, and abilities. Many times leadership is often overlooked and under utilized by those who call themselves leaders. So if you are one of these so called leaders of your group– how are you fairing? One of the top reasons groups fail is due to attrition. That is, does a group survive when a leader moves on?

Landing-Page-BG-V3-300x200All groups go through this from teen age groups, to college, and even Americans For Prosperity Foundation. No group is immune to attrition, but it also doesn’t have to be the death of your group. See as leaders we like to judge our effectiveness as to how well we run the group while we are there, when really your effectiveness as a leader should be judged by what happens after you leave. Many times leaders after they are gone will look back at the group floundering saying to themselves, “See, they needed me as their leader, only I could run that group properly.”

Here in lies the problem. If you ever felt this or said this before, you in fact failed as a leader. As a leader you need to go out and inspire others to take on leadership roles with in your organization and train them how to be great. Great leaders are the ones who empower their members. They train them to have the skills to succeed. Sharing knowledge and giving insight to others should not be seen as power over individuals in your groups, it should be seen as a way to empower others.

As leaders we need to make sure we identify and train as many people as possible to help address attrition within our group. When Jack Welch left GE he didn’t wake up one day, walk into the boardroom, and give his two weeks. GE planned this for years and trained multiple individuals to take his spot as he began his departure. So ask yourself, if you left tomorrow how would your group fair?


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