We made the news! Last month, the Phoenix Business Journal wrote about some of our amazing activists who attended our recent Grassroots Leadership Certification course.

Top freedom-loving activists from Arizona, Utah and Nevada descended on Phoenix for the third and final level of our grassroots certification program. All of them had completed the first two levels and are active in the fight for freedom in their communities.

Now they were ready for an intensive, three-day boot camp that would prepare them to not only be involved in grassroots activism but to plan, organize and lead issue advocacy campaigns.

Martha Llamas told the Phoenix Business Journal about the problems she faces as a small business owner. Government regulations and rules make it harder for her and her employees to achieve her dreams.

Martha Llamas (second from left) poses with a group after graduating from GLA’s Grassroots Leader Certification.

Llamas said that she wants policy makers to understand what small business owners face.

Mary Khalaf is also a small business owner who helps new immigrants get their live in America started off on the right foot. She’s worked her way through the GLA certifications because she wants to make sure there’s a level playing field where small business owners, immigrants and all Americans have a chance to succeed.

Mary Khalaf presents her team’s group project on issue-education.

The article also talks about some of the lessons activists learned during the weekend, from honing their “why stories” to personalizing issues to effectively influencing legislators. You can check out the rest of the article by clicking here.

If you’re interested in going through the same trainings Martha and Mary have, click here to learn more about the certification program and then check out the upcoming trainings near you.

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