Community_V1-300x300The Vice President of GLA, Slade O’Brien, is fond of saying, “An organized minority will defeat an unorganized majority any day of the week.” The key word in that last sentence? “Organized.” Somewhere along the way, too many groups on “the right” started treating volunteers and activists as commodities, rather than valuable members of a community. In such cases, relationship-building is seen as a waste of time, and most communications take the form of “marching orders” rather than getting to know activists and hearing from them. No time is spent learning why they joined the cause, how they’d like to contribute, and what unique skills and abilities they can bring to the table.

At GLA, we emphasize community building and, yes, community organizing. We believe the power to change our local, state and federal governments for the better begins not in some national organization’s DC headquarters, but in the small and various communities across America. Those communities must band together and work together for change; in other words, they must become organized to fight for freedom.

Each of us live our lives within communities. We have church communities. We have neighborhood communities. We have communities of friends, communities within organizations we belong to, and communities of people we share common interests with. People trust the other members of their communities; they have existing relationships.

If you want to share your reasons for being part of the economic freedom movement, you need to start by sharing them with members of your own communities. Ultimately, local communities need to be educated on the issues we care about, and then mobilized to take action. We seek to create activists who can organize their communities to take action for a better America. In other words, we seek to build a network of AFPF citizen community organizers all across the country.


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